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Floortex AFS-TEX 2000 Anti-Fatigue Mat, Rectangle, 16 x 24, Midnight Black FCA21624BK

Floortex AFS-TEX 2000 Anti-Fatigue Mat, Rectangle, 16 x 24, Midnight Black FCA21624BK

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Unique AFS-TEX formulation combines standing comfort and body support. Ergonomically designed print style to encourage regular foot movement that will stimulate blood flow and increase the body's metabolism. Contains an active antimicrobial ingredient to protect the product from microbial deterioration. Mat Type: Anti-Fatigue Mat; Application: Carpets/Hard Floors; Width: 16"; Length: 24".

  • Unique AFS-TEX material formulation is the ultimate combination of standing comfort and body support for highly effective fatigue relief.
  • The mat has a cushioned yet supportive standing surface that reduces the strain on feet, knees and back joints that can be caused through standing.
  • Built-in anti-microbial formulation protects product from microbial deterioration, this will not wear away or wash off, works 24/7 for the life of the product. Ideal for users who like to work without foot wear.
  • Ideal for use with a standing desk, reception or retail counters, use on any kitchen floor and other locations where prolonged standing is required.
  • Anti-slip backing for maximum stability whilst in use.
  • Premium gauge 0.7" polyurethane construction guaranteed not to loose body support over time.
  • Beveled edging.
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