Victoria's Secret Fabulous by Victoria's Secret Eau De Parfum Spray for Women
If you want a scent that will leave you smelling clean, fresh, and ultra feminine without overwhelming your senses, Victoria's Secret Fabulous for women is the perfect choice. The top notes of violet and sweet apricot will draw others in,...
Sombres Dessins by Jovoy - (1.7 oz) Women's Extrait De Parfum Spray (Unboxed)
Sombres Dessins, launched in 2015, has masculine and feminine notes, making it suitable for anyone who enjoys the spicy, woody, floral blend. Created by French perfumier Jovoy Paris, this scent opens with notes of bergamot and pink pepper. The heart...
₱11,400.00 ₱8,100.00
Old Havana Pm by Marmol & Son - (1.7 oz) Women's Eau De Parfum Spray
Get whisked away to simpler times and bring your senses alive with Old Havana Pm by Marmol & Son perfume. This warm, sensual fragrance blends an array of delectable and tantalizing notes for an intoxicating aroma. The first spritz teases...
Old Havana by Marmol & Son - (1.7 oz) Women's Eau De Parfum Spray
Let your different sides show while creating a seductive air of mystery with Old Havana by Marmol & Son. This complex perfume masterfully blends an array of notes to create an aroma that tantalizes and lingers. It has a fresh,...
DC Comics Supergirl by DC Comics - (8 oz) Women's Eau De Toilette Spray
Unleash your inner superhero and smell as powerful as you feel wearing Dc Comics Supergirl by DC Comics. This delectable perfume has an ideal balance of sweet, fruity and warm notes that lets everyone know you are bold and confident....
Afnan Ornament Purple Allure by Afnan - (3.4 oz) Women's Eau De Parfum Spray
Afnan Ornament Purple Allure is a women’s fragrance produced by the Dubai-based Afnan perfume house. Starting with top notes of grapefruit, mandarin orange and raspberry, this scent draws wearers in with its sharp and bracing yet honeyed and juicy introduction....
White Diamonds En Rouge by Elizabeth Taylor - (3.3 oz) Women's Eau De Toilette Spray
Launched by Elizabeth Taylor in 2019, White Diamonds en Rouge is a floral feminine fragrance. It opens with a bit of sweetness and spice from raspberry and pink pepper top notes before transitioning to allow a floral heart to capture...
₱3,900.00 ₱1,900.00
Bois D'hadrien by Annick Goutal - (3.4 oz) Women's Eau De Parfum Spray (Refillable)
Deliciously warm and buttery citrus accords mingle with aromatic nuances in Bois D'hadrien, a unique spicy wood scent released by French label Annick Goutal in 2017. The fragrance opens with bright yet creamy accords of lime and blended woods. Green...
₱6,700.00 ₱5,000.00
Crepuscule Des Ames by Atelier Des Ors - (3.3 oz) Unisex Eau De Parfum Spray
A warm, smoky and softly spicy aromatic fragrance enhanced by crisp herbal accords, Crepuscule Des Ames was created by perfumer Marie Salamagne and released by Atelier Des Ors in 2018. Opening notes are an effusive citrus-herbal blend of mandarin orange...
₱15,200.00 ₱11,500.00
Escada Candy Love by Escada - Women's Limited Edition Eau De Toilette Spray
A feminine fragrance from Escada, Escada Candy Love is a perfect daytime perfume for the warmer seasons. It was designed by perfumers Nicolas Beaulieu and Amandine Clerc-Marie and was launched in 2020. Sweet and floral, this perfume will leave you...
₱4,600.00 from ₱3,600.00
Fleur De Orientica by Al Haramain - (3 oz) Unisex Eau De Parfum Spray
Fleur de Orientica is a unisex fragrance created by Al Haramain, a luxury perfume brand from the United Arab Emirates. This scent starts with tangerine, bergamot and water blossom. This trio combines their delicate aqueous, bitter, juicy, spicy and hesperidic tones.
₱8,900.00 ₱6,400.00
Orientica Oud Saffron by Al Haramain - (2.7 oz) Unisex Eau De Parfum Spray
Launched in 2020, Orientica Oud Saffron is a unisex woody-spicy fragrance produced by the United Arab Emirates Al Haramain perfume label. Starting with a vanilla top note paired with oriental notes, the blend delivers a deliciously cozy and dark sugary...
₱8,900.00 ₱6,400.00
Diane Castel So Musk by Diane Castel - (3.3 oz) Women's Eau De Parfum Spray
Feel the sunshine and smell the fresh scents of a perfect spring day no matter the season with Diane Castel So Musk by Diane Castel. This fruity and floral fragrance as a light and airy aura that is youthful and...
London Mist by Yardley London - (3.4 oz) Women's Cologne Spray
You'll enjoy surrounding yourself in a floral aura with London Mist by Yardley London. The notes of white florals, English fruits, rose, musk, and cedarwood are feminine and alluring. This is a crowd-friendly scent with a mild sillage and soothing...
Clean Flower Fresh by Clean - Women's Eau De Parfum Spray
Launched by the fragrance company Clean in 2020, Clean Classic Flower Fresh is a delightful aroma that transitions seamlessly from day to evening wear, making it an ideal versatile fragrance for every collection. Top notes of zesty bergamot, bright lemon...
₱2,000.00 from ₱1,800.00
Volupte Tendre by Oscar De La Renta - (3.4 oz) Women's Eau De Toilette Spray
Volupte Tendre is a floral woody women’s fragrance from Oscar De La Renta. Originally released in 1992, this scent was designed by perfumers Sophia Grojsman and Nicholas Calderone. This collaboration features a top note blend combining a wide range of...
₱1,800.00 from ₱1,500.00
Little Kiss Cherry by Salvador Dali - (3.4 oz) Women's Eau De Toilette Spray
Salvador Dali launched Little Kiss Cherry in 2009. This was a creation by the perfumer Emilie Bouge. Women will be pleased with the exotic blend of fruity and floral aromas that fill this perfume.
₱3,500.00 ₱2,200.00
Roja Danger by Roja Parfums - (3.4 oz) Women's Essence De Parfum Spray
Roja Danger was launched in 2011 by Roja Parfums. It is is an oriental fragrance that was designed for women. This fragrance has refreshing top notes of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, and lemon verbena.
₱25,300.00 ₱17,300.00
Juicy Couture Pretty In Purple by Juicy Couture - (0.33 oz) Women's Mini EDT Rollerball
Juicy Couture Pretty In Purple is a floral woody musk perfume for women of all ages, featuring sumptuous, spicy top notes of bergamot, magnolia and pink pepper. Its tantalizing heart notes of gardenia, jasmine sambac and Turkish rose oil further...
Calgon Take Me Away Tahitian Orchid by Calgon - (8 oz) Women's Body Mist
This fragrance was created by Calgon with perfumer Marvel Fields and released in 2003. This is a great floral fragrance with a little gentle loving from some fruit. As fresh as a tropical breeze and completely enjoyable to wear. What...
from ₱800.00
Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom by Jo Malone - (3.4 oz) Unisex Cologne Spray (Unboxed)
Ethereal and sweet, Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom captures the springtime magic of cherry trees in bloom. Sparkling citrus tones open the scent with a bright effusion of mandarin and bergamot. Lovely, powdery sweet floral and fruit nuances of cherry...
₱11,500.00 ₱8,200.00
Laila by Geir Ness - (2.6 oz) Women's Deodorant Stick
The Norwegian wild comes rebottled in the Geir Ness creation, Laila. It is a fruity flowery affair, with the most natural ingredients and no synthetic substances. The aquatic effects blend perfectly with the skin's lipid to impart all day freshness...
Glow by Jennifer Lopez - Women's Eau De Toilette Spray
Glow is a soft, sexy, scent touched with subtle, clean freshness. Bright citrus fruits are mingled with sheer florals, warmed with soothing vanilla and musk. Glow is bursting with feminine sparkle and alive with warm sensuality.
₱1,300.00 from ₱1,100.00
Pacific Lime by Atelier Cologne - (3.3 oz) Unisex Pure Perfume Spray
Pacific Lime by Atelier Cologne Pure Perfume Spray (Unisex) 3.3 oz
₱8,500.00 ₱6,200.00

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