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OdoBan Earth Choice 3-N-1 Carpet Cleaner, 128 oz Bottle, Unscented, 4-CT 9602B62-G4

OdoBan Earth Choice 3-N-1 Carpet Cleaner, 128 oz Bottle, Unscented, 4-CT 9602B62-G4

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Odoban Earth Choice 3-in-1 carpet cleaner concentrate is a concentrated carpet cleaner specially formulated to be three products in one: traffic lane prespray, spot cleaner and extraction cleaner. It is completely detergent-free. There's no need for separate presprays or spot cleaners. Just mix it with water according to the directions for the desired application. Each dilution safely cleans carpets without the need for defoamer or additional rinsing agents. Unlike surfactant-based cleaners, which promote resoiling, fiber untwisting, matting and longer drying times, 3-in-1 carpet cleaner concentrate's patented detergent-free technology suspends dirt and soils, reducing wear and damage to carpet appearance. 3-in-1 carpet cleaner concentrate is intended for use with carpet extraction machines. Application: Floor Cleaner; Applicable Material: Carpet; Wool; Chemical Compound: Isopropyl Alcohol; Sodium Iminodisuccinate; Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate; Dirt Types: Dirt; Food Stains; Wine.

  • Excellent for bonnet cleaning.
  • No defoamer or extraction rinse needed.
  • Approved for use on wool and wool-blend carpets by the woolsafe organization.
  • Concentrate makes up to 64 gallons.
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